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Welcome to APRC


Our Mission

Welcome to the Alaska Paranormal Response Crew! We are very different from the stereotypical "hunters" in that we provide our services without direct confrontation with any entity that may or may not exist within your home. We believe that communication may open a door which can be highly difficult to close. Another way that we are different is that under NO circumstances do we charge for services rendered!

We are all passionate about helping people in spiritual need and strive to ensure that our client and our team maintain all aspects of safety in every process of our investigation and mitigation.

If you feel that you have a haunting, spiritual oppression, dark entity, or any other kind of unexplained phenomena, please don't hesitate to contact us!

(Left: Shameless stock photo of people confused by a laptop.)

Our Team


Liam Boyack


Liam performs the exorcism rites and develops the tech.

Kat Boyack


Kat is the heart of the group. She facilitates the peace and comfort with the client. She also feels all the feels.

Nik Bowen


Monkey's specialty is within the ethereal. A shaman is a must within spiritual journeys!

Heather Ney

Wiccan Studies

Heather specializes in "Kitchen Witch" studies.

Amanda "M" Shea Asnicar

Wiccan Studies

"M" studies many forms of Wicca and provides great insights on pertinent pagan influences. 

Tiffany Tombaugh

Team Sensitive

Tiffany has a unique ability to see what others can't.

Steven Hallberg


This guy is the unsung hero. Drops what he's doing, drives over 100 miles and helps whenever possible! Never complains!

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