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Portlock, Alaska

The ghost town of Portlock has had documented residents going back to the late 1700's. These indigenous people suffered and endured murder, slavery, and worse by the hands of the Spanish ship who made the discovery of these people. In 1921, the post office opened up and the village turned its head toward progress. A large fish canning industry arose and provided the people with food and money to survive. That is, until the 1940's when some sheep hunters went into the mountains. A short while after the hunting party left, their dismembered bodies made their way to the lagoon. In the early 1950's the village decided to evacuate and flee en masse away from the horrors that they attributed to Nantiinaq. Nantiinaq is a native legend of a demonic creature that can shape shift into something horrifying. Similar to the appearance of a traditional bigfoot. 

The villagers fled to Port Graham and to Nanwalek, nearby villages. 

Our group was asked for support by the producers of a new show Alaska Killer Bigfoot. They had exhausted all means to rid this area from Nantiinaq and needed further assistance. We put a team together of myself (Liam), Kat, and Tiffany. 

We arrived via helicopter from Homer to Portlock. upon arrival the land was sour and cold. There were no wildlife to speak of that would touch land. More disconcerting was the lack of smell from anything but the camp fires. No smell of sea air, grass, nothing... 

We dismounted the helicopter and debriefed the native descendants from Portlock. 

They have been regularly accosted by something large in the night, they believe it to be Nantiinaq. Most of whom feared for their lives. 

We began our walkthrough with a camera crew closely behind and followed the sense of fear to its source. Tiffany, our sensitive, led the way to the top of a ridgeline and felt the presence of an entity enter her mind. Tiffany closed the "door" to her mind as best she could and we fell back to basecamp. Having responded to many hauntings and demonic oppressions, she told me that this was much worse than the demonic. 

We briefed the cast and crew of what we experienced and discovered on our trek into the abandoned and overgrown village. 

That night, we had come up with our plan for cleansing and I had stepped outside to check our equipment before going to bed. Standing in the clearing next to the only exposed building, called Cabin 1, I noticed a large silhouette against the back of the cabin. I stayed and watched for a moment to allow my eyes to adjust to the dark when I realized what I was looking at. Approximately 12 feet tall and facing me. I could see the white of the eyes as it watched me. We held eye contact for about five minutes before I recited an Abremlinic script at it and turned for my camp. I was not its' target. Mind you, this is deep woods with no cell reception, I did not have my phone on me for documentation. 

The following morning we awoke and began our coffee and breakfast. I began the day with a prayer to bless the land near Cabin 1. Shortly afterwards, the producer came to discuss our cleansing plan. It was simple. Disperse a fog of sage, rose water, holy water, frankincense, and Palo Santo through the woods and broadcast a loud tone of 432hz through the area. 

Kat monitored the radio and tones at basecamp while the crew, Tiffany, and myself began our guided walkthrough to cleanse the troubled areas prior to the blanket cleansing of the whole land. 

Once the four primary trouble spots were cleansed, while relying on wind direction to carry the fog, our helicopter arrived to take us back to Homer. 

Kat's experience during the cleansing. 

My wife is a trooper! Just 10 days after major organ surgery, she embarked on this case. Like a good over controlling man, I kept her at basecamp and did not allow her to explore. Being a 30 minute helicopter flight that could take 6 hours to summon to the nearest hospital, we didn't want to risk her health. 

Sitting at basecamp during the cleansing, Kat experienced something pretty amazing! After our cleansing, she observed animals, insects, and birds return to the land. The smell of the sea air washed through and an overwhelming sense of peace filled her. 

We left the area and returned home. 

May all the powers that be guide the people of Nanwalek back home to prosper.

Details of this case can be viewed on the Travel Channel and Discovery+ "Alaska Killer Bigfoot"

PAT Device

The Photo-Accoustic Transmitter (PAT) device is an electronic way to transmit audio into a light wave. This is beneficial in our work because of many prayers, spells, or any other form of verbal communication can penetrate on another level with little interference. Through epiphany and inspiration we have stumbled on a set of frequencies for the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash. Each of these angels are listed, by number, and expressly shown to be dominating forces over their Goetic demon counterparts.

By transmitting these frequencies over light, it has shown a potent effect on the elimination of demonic forces. Another use of this tech is a method of electronically cleansing crystals and homes to a universal zero. The natural frequency of the universe is 432 hz. by attuning the light to such, it penetrates crystalline objects phenomonally well! 

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